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About Us

Founded in 1965, Messerli & Kramer is a Top 20 Minnesota law firm with locations in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Plymouth, Bismarck, North Dakota, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Omaha, Nebraska. We have a hard-earned reputation within the business community of providing sound, reasoned and comprehensive legal services. With an emphasis on building lasting relationships with our clients, our professionals take the time to listen and understand legal issues within the larger framework of the business as a whole. Known for our dedication and responsiveness, Messerli & Kramer is focused on finding pragmatic solutions and producing remarkable results for our clients.

Messerli & Kramer consists of eleven practice areas in three unique – yet complementary – divisions, including appeals, banking and finance, corporate and general business law, commercial real estate, business litigation, collections, divorce and family law, employment, estate planning, government relations and intellectual property. We represent a variety of clients, from large corporations and banks, to closely-held entrepreneurial businesses, to individuals seeking divorce and family law or estate planning services.

For many clients, the process of choosing a law firm can be overwhelming. At Messerli & Kramer, we make the choice simple, describing the qualities that distinguish us from other law firms in three simple words:

  • Respected
  • Responsive
  • Reliable

Respected. We have a team of highly skilled professionals working diligently to provide consistent results for our clients. Our peers recognize us as knowledgeable, creative and ethical attorneys who advocate aggressively on behalf of our clients.

Responsive. We help our clients think strategically, but recognize that life and business often require a quick answer or action to get things done. We are committed to being available for our clients whenever and wherever the need arises, and our clients know we will do what it takes to get the job done.

Reliable. Many of our clients have been with us for years, some for decades, because they are able to count on us to provide the services they need for success. We have earned our reputation through many late hours spent working with clients to close a key deal and tireless advocacy shown in the courtroom and at the Capital.

The team of professionals at Messerli & Kramer takes pride in helping our clients navigate the myriad of legal and business issues that confront them in their business and personal lives. We welcome the opportunity to do the same for you.

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