Attorneys at Law

Mentor Program

Messerli & Kramer’s Mentor Program was officially unveiled in 2014 with the intent to promote career satisfaction and professional development by pairing each associate attorney with a shareholder mentor. As an associate attorney with Messerli & Kramer, you will develop a curriculum of activities with your shareholder mentor designed to introduce you to the firm, the legal community, and to the practical application of the principles of professionalism as it relates to client relations, client development, law office management, work-life balance, and marketing. Your shareholder mentor will be a coach and guide as you adjust to the challenges of the practice of law overall and within the firm. Overall, the Messerli & Kramer Mentor Program is designed to provide a unique opportunity for attorneys of all age and experience levels to get to know their fellow colleagues across the firm’s various departments and divisions in order to lay the groundwork for the success of Messerli & Kramer and its future firm leaders.