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Messerli & Kramer’s employment practice group helps businesses respond to a number of employment law issues, partnering with each employer to find a reasoned solution that takes into consideration the practical considerations of the business.  Our attorneys assist employers to anticipate potential workforce issues, providing reasoned counsel and assistance to avoid disputes before they arise.  Our employment attorneys also serve as effective advocates and litigators and will aggressively represent clients in litigation to protect their interests.

Our clients range from start-ups to large national and international corporations, and we provide them a wide range of legal services that are critical for effective and economically sound human resource management. Our work includes activities such as ensuring a company has minimized its risks with well-considered hiring and firing practices, policies and handbooks, noncompete and confidentiality agreements, background and reference checks, and drug testing.  Our attorneys also assist employers to manage leaves of absence and address issues such as employee classification.

Messerli & Kramer attorneys are quick to help employers resolve their workforce dilemmas by counseling them on disciplining or discharging employees, negotiating severance  agreements, or responding to employee claims of discrimination and sexual harassment. Our attorneys also have extensive experience litigating employment issues in state and federal trial and appellate courts, administrative agencies and alternative dispute resolution settings.

Employment-related legal disputes are a drain on a company’s resources and morale. We strive to help employers avoid them altogether and rapidly contain any that flare up -- so their businesses can get back to focusing on the job at hand.


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